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A child’s level of motivation is a more critical factor in determining how and what he or she learns than almost all other considerations. If we can help parents embrace an approach that focuses on collaboration, we will foster the positive interpersonal relationships that improve a child’s motivation to learn. When help is provided in this way, it is not enabling.

Ten activities – and not a single worksheet or flashcard. They’ll get plenty of those when they resume school. I could continue for hours, but I hope these “games” will at least suggest a basic framework from which you can create your own activities. Even in the midst of this severe health crisis, rest assured you’re making special memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are a parent, do not be afraid to discuss the coronavirus with children in an appropriate manner. By now, most children have already heard about the virus and with schools closing, children will want to know why. Not talking about something can actually make kids worry more. So, reassure them and help them to feel safe and secure, and continue to practice good hygiene and model healthy habits.

Even without obstructive sleep apnea, some children struggle to obtain a good night’s sleep. Causes can range from a deficit in melatonin, childhood depression or anxiety, or something as simple as the temperature in the room. No matter the cause, any lack of sleep can result in attention, learning, or language problems.

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