Parents and professionals connecting to facilitate care and enhance educational support.

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ChildNEXUS connects parents whose children struggle with learning or mental health challenges with reliable content, virtual support, and professionals who provide high-quality educational and behavioral support services.


Access to Information

Get information about child and adolescent neurodevelopment, social-emotional health and academic functioning.

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Search for providers who specialize in the assessment, treatment and support of children and adolescents.



Collaborate with colleagues to provide integrated care, and enhance the quality of the services you provide through collaborations with professionals from other disciplines.

Share Information

Disseminate information about topics related to child and adolescent health and academic functioning.

Parents is a “one-stop-shop” for parents who are seeking information and are considering services for their children. You should join, if:


If you have a child who is struggling at home or at school and you would like information to determine what your next step should be. We have informational articles written by professionals. We also feature blogs from other parents who have had similar experiences.


If your child has been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental, learning, processing and/or social-emotional disorder, you can search our list of qualified professionals who assess, treat and provide educational support services to children and adolescents.


We provide detailed professional profiles to assist you with making decisions regarding services for your child. We verify the licenses and credentials of all professionals on our site with doctoral program credentialing organizations and board and professional organizations.

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Professionals provides a place where professionals within the field of child and adolescent mental health and educational support services can connect with one another. It is also designed to help parents make informed decisions when selecting a professional to provide services for their child. You should consider if you are interested in:


Join a community of medical, psychological, educational and other specialists who are committed to providing high quality care and educational support services to children and adolescents. On you can connect, build partnerships, and exchange referrals with professionals from various disciplines.


Disseminate information to parents and other professionals, and learn about innovative programs and workshops offered by your colleagues. On you can access articles and blogs with content relevant to the work you do. These articles can also be shared with the families you work with.

ESTABLISHING OR EXPANDING YOUR CLIENT/PATIENT BASE provides an opportunity for you to make other professionals aware of the work you do and the services that you provide. The platform is designed to help professionals thrive in the rapidly changing health care and educational support service environments, and it will help you become more accessible to clients/patients who can benefit from your knowledge and skills.

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How it works?

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A Centralized Place for Child & Adolescent Specialists

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Build Your Own Network of Professionals

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Form Interdisciplinary Collaborations To Enhance Services

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Establish & Build A Client/Patient Base

Why ChildNEXUS? features a community of professionals committed to providing high quality care and educational support services to children struggling with learning, processing, neurodevelopmental, and social-emotional challenges. connects parents seeking services for their children with psychological, behavioral, medical, and educational professionals who specialize in the assessment, treatment and support of children and adolescents.

At, we are passionate about ensuring that families have the information they need to make informed decisions when seeking mental health and educational services for their children. Therefore, we provide parents with free access to our community of professionals. Parents also have access to blogs and articles written about various topics relevant to children and adolescents, with an emphasis on articles related to mental health and educational functioning.

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