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As a clinical psychologist, I have the privilege and challenge of helping families communicate about and problem solve a myriad of concerns. These concerns typically involve academics, relationships, and, for the past several years, issues related to family screen time and use of technology in the home.

“KNOW THE SIGNS! KNOW THE SIGNS!” Doctors, psychologists, and counselors have been emphasizing this for many years. As a dedicated psychology major at one of the nation’s best universities, you can bet I knew the signs. I knew all the signs of a suicidal person.

Many children struggle with social learning challenges for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is no official diagnosis for their inability to effectively communicate and connect with their peers.

The biggest bedtime mistake parents of toddlers make is bringing the youngster into the marital bed in the middle of the night. This is the hidden secret of thousands of parents in the 21st Century! During the 1940’s and ’50’s, the big challenge was feeding....

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