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Many children struggle with social learning challenges for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is no official diagnosis for their inability to effectively communicate and connect with their peers.

Dizziness and balance problems can be difficult to recognize in kids. Younger children in particular may have trouble describing their symptoms. These problems can be a sign of a temporary ear infection or a more serious neurological disorder that might have long-term developmental consequences.

All of us with children are well versed in the challenges of helping our little ones navigate through episodes of frustration or unusual behavior. Tantrums or unexpected actions most always have a cause – and parents who work down the typical checklist of tiredness, hunger, sickness, need of attention, boredom or something similar can usually isolate the culprit that is leading to their behavior.


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Most people who endured a bad childhood and have not taken a painful honest look within often repeat old bad parenting patterns and become a negative statistic. These behaviors become automatic, unconscious and without thought.

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