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Parents and professionals connecting to facilitate care and enhance educational support.

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Professionals provides a platform where professionals within the field of child and adolescent mental health can connect to provide optimal care to their clients and patients.


Collaborate with colleagues to provide integrated care, and enhance the quality of the services you provide through collaborations with professionals from other disciplines.

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Disseminate information about topics related to child and adolescent health and academic functioning.

Professionals provides a place where professionals within the field of child and adolescent mental health and educational support services can connect with one another. It is also designed to help parents make informed decisions when selecting a professional to provide services for their child. You should consider if you are interested in:


Join a community of medical, psychological, educational and other specialists who are committed to providing high quality care and educational support services to children and adolescents. On you can connect, build partnerships, and exchange referrals with professionals from various disciplines.


Disseminate information to parents and other professionals, and learn about innovative programs and workshops offered by your colleagues. On you can access articles and blogs with content relevant to the work you do. These articles can also be shared with the families you work with.

ESTABLISHING OR EXPANDING YOUR CLIENT/PATIENT BASE provides an opportunity for you to make other professionals aware of the work you do and the services that you provide. The platform is designed to help professionals thrive in the rapidly changing health care and educational support service environments, and it will help you become more accessible to clients/patients who can benefit from your knowledge and skills.

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Why ChildNEXUS?

An estimated 2.4 million American school-aged children have been identified with learning disabilities, and an additional 15% of students struggle due to unidentified and unaddressed learning, attention and social emotional issues. In pediatric populations, a child with one psychological or neurodevelopmental disorder has an increased risk for having another disorder. For example, approximately 44-59% of children with AD/HD have another psychiatric disorder (e.g., an anxiety disorder). The presence of comorbidities in childhood and adolescence is associated with more difficulties and a higher persistence of symptoms in adulthood.

Currently, there is a huge push for professionals to communicate and work with each other. provides a unique opportunity for professionals within the field of child and adolescent mental health and educational services to connect and collaborate to provide integrative care and support in order to advance children’s mental health and overall well-being. Our mission is to improve the lives of children and adolescents struggling with learning, processing, neurodevelopmental and social-emotional difficulties by creating a strong community of professionals committed to providing high-level care and educational support services.

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